Every week, many at LifeSpring give of their gifts, time, and energy to serve here. We know that our church is full of people with amazing talents and passions. We want to unleash you to do what you were created to do, but if you need help figuring out exactly what that is — we want to help you get there. Check out our Path to Service with steps to plugging into an area in which you already have experience, or to finding out more about how God has equipped you to serve.

Path to Service

STEP 1: Email us at or call (513) 522-7707

STEP 2: Fill out our Volunteer Application.

STEP 3: One of our staff will connect with you about open serving opportunities and options.

STEP 4: Meet with our ministry leaders to discuss fit, schedules, passion, future, and schedule a time for shadowing.

STEP 5: Spend a few weeks watching, learning, and praying to see it you fit.

After spending a few weeks shadowing in this ministry, you may decide you would like to try something else. No problem. Just head back to Step 3 and we will work to put you in a sweet spot. But if you are happy, proceed to Step 6!

STEP 6: Begin to CELEBRATE because you have found your ministry fit and you can start serving!