Senior Minister Transition

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a future and a hope . . . You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
—Jeremiah 29:11, 13

Communication Updates

February 5 Update

February 5 Update

Senior Minister Search Team Update

The team continues to pursue recommended candidates via interviews and chats with references. We’ve connected with 17 of the men suggested so far, and have several more we plan to talk with. There are currently 3 active candidates in various stages of exploring the ‘fit’ between God’s calling in their lives, and God’s intentions for the next senior minister for LifeSpring. The team very much appreciates the prayers of the congregation seeking God’s direction and encouragement through this search process.

In the course of discussions with some candidates, we learned that our job description could use some improvement to better communicate the key aspects of the senior minister role most important to LifeSpring at this time. In particular, we learned that a greater emphasis on leadership and the ability to “lead leaders” should be communicated more strongly to interested candidates. This important capability of the senior minister is amplified in the case of multi-site church operations like ours and is a central aspect of the growth plan the elders are preparing for the coming years. Therefore, the elders updated the job description and placed the leadership role at the beginning of the job description.

We also learned that we need to emphasize the importance of the senior minister being a strong and effective communicator, not only in the context of preaching, but also to assure clear, consistent and energizing communication of the one vision and one direction of LifeSpring across all sites and worship services. Thus, we shifted one of the descriptors of Leadership Skills section of the job description from “excellent preacher” to “strong communicator”.

The team and elders realize that to those not involved with the minister search process that these changes may appear inconsequential. However, these adjustments are really helpful to the search team and candidates. We are posting today on the website the revised senior minister job description approved by the elders in late January.

In addition to your prayers, the search team welcomes any suggestions and questions from the congregation about the process of our search. To be clear, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of all men being considered for our position until the final stages approaching a congregational vote, so we won’t be able to answer questions about specific candidates. Please feel free to contact any search team member or elder with any questions regarding our search.

December 3 Update

December 3 Update

We are continuing with the pursuit of a Senior Minister to lead all three LifeSpring sites. We have revised the job description for that position in two key areas.

1. Priority emphasis on the role to champion LifeSpring’s commitment to spiritual growth and discipleship.
The elders are committed to helping LifeSpring staff and members focus the role of the church on doing what Jesus called us to do: make disciples.

2. Greater emphasis on the senior minister’s overall responsibility to lead an effective preaching ministry.
The previous senior minister job description read “preach about half the sermons”. This describes the current arrangement where Dick preaches about half the sermons, alternating between the sites. We realized the old description was too limiting, and did not express the expectation that we need a vibrant and effective preaching ministry for all worship services.
A revised Ministry Description for the Senior Minister Position has been uploaded to better reflect these ministry needs. The two modified sections are copied below for easy review. Please feel free to contact any elder with questions or comments on these changes, or any aspect of the senior minister job search.

I. Preach
A. Lead and develop the preaching team in planning and presenting messages
B. Define and implement an effective preaching ministry through all LifeSpring worship services. It should be sustainable over time and have the potential to expand to additional services and sites.

II. Lead LifeSpring
A. Champion LifeSpring’s commitment to spiritual growth and discipleship.
1. Motivate the entire congregation toward discipleship and spiritual maturity
2. Model what a disciple of Christ should look like.
3. Coach and instruct others to grow as disciples of Christ.

Your prayerful support for the seeking and calling of this individual is much needed and greatly appreciated.

Letter from Dick Alexander

Letter from Dick Alexander

June 13, 2012

Dear church family,

For several years, LifeSpring elders and I have talked about how we would transition from my leadership to the next senior minister who would lead the congregation. We have prayed, discussed, and sought to learn from the experiences of other churches, and we believe now is the time to move forward with this.

After substantial prayer and consideration, we have agreed that I will conclude ministry with LifeSpring at the end of June 2013. That allows a year between now and then for the church to engage in a search process for a new senior minister. It also allows for us to take other steps toward a good transition, including (we hope) the calling of a new Clovernook site minister by then.

At this time Betty and I don’t have plans for the next chapter of our lives. Our focus has been on serving LifeSpring, so we’ve just begun thinking about what happens next for us. But as our family has talked a little about it, the conversations have been fun–we’re all looking forward to it. God has always directed our lives, so we believe what He has planned for the future will be excellent!

Our years with this church have been wonderful years for us. We have received grace, and the encouragement to become all God wants us to be. We have grown personally and in our marriage, and Cincinnati and LifeSpring are clearly our home. We will be grateful forever for what you have given to us.

Through the next year there is a lot to do for Christ. I pray this will be an excellent year for the church, and will prepare it for greater years in the future.


Dick Alexander

Letter from the Elders

Letter from the Elders

June 13, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

If you have read Dick’s letter, you know that we have entered into a transition period that will mark the end of his service as senior minister here at LifeSpring Christian Church. While we are saddened by the sense of loss this transition brings, we celebrate the years of ministry that Dick and Betty have so graciously given to us. We all have cause for deep gratitude for the flame they have lit within us personally and as a church.

THANKSGIVING. We have all been blessed by Dick’s practical and insightful teaching. We have been regularly challenged to pursue a closer walk with God by both his teaching and his example. Dick and Betty have modeled grace, mercy, humility and hospitality. In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul praised the house of Stephanas for their tireless work on behalf of the saints. He closed his remarks by stating “such men deserve recognition”. Dick and Betty have always shied away from personal recognition. It is indicative of their character. However, such faithful servants deserve our recognition and expressions of gratitude. As we express our gratitude, let’s not forget that the highest form of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

Mother Teresa once said “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Dick’s ministry here at LifeSpring has been marked by significant impact for God’s kingdom, in Cincinnati and around the world. He has made a practice of casting stones across the waters. The ripples have been far-reaching.

Dick has led LifeSpring through numerous changes and innovations. As opposed to following where the path has led, he has frequently taken us in the direction where there was no path and left a trail for others to follow. Whether it was multiple worship styles, multiple locations or significant mission partnerships, under Dick’s guidance LifeSpring has frequently stepped out on faith to risk boldly in the pursuit of God’s direction for the church. We pray that LifeSpring will always be known for such faithful pursuit of God’s purposes.

PREPARATION. After much discussion over the past few years and prayerful consideration, we have settled on June 30, 2013 as the date for Dick’s transition process to be completed. The elders have been engaged in prayer and fasting concerning the future ministry of LifeSpring. Thanks to all of you for investing much time and energy with us in surveys, discussions, meetings, and prayers. Together with Dick, we have been seeking God, reviewing survey results, and capturing input from numerous staff members and volunteers, and have been planning with Dick for this transition.

COMMITMENT. We remain solidly committed to being a church that leads people to Christ and then helps them become disciples in response to Jesus’ command in Matthew 28. We continue to believe that we are called to serve our local community and those in less developed countries with high impact, again in response to Jesus teaching about the “least of these” in Matthew 25. We are convinced that the best way to do that is by helping and challenging each of us to pursue a life focused on service and growing closer to Christ. We are focused on refining our vision, fine tuning our strategies, building our ministry team, and the equipping and empowering of volunteers for ministry.

NEXT STEPS. This letter is the first step in our process of keeping you updated and informed over the coming weeks and months. Our timetable gives us twelve months to seek, call and assimilate a new senior minister for LifeSpring. Your prayers for our church and this process are coveted. We trust that our Father has already selected and prepared the man that He has purposed for this ministry.

In the coming weeks there will be multiple opportunities scheduled to connect with elders and staff about our plans for the future at LifeSpring. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with questions or concerns.

STAY CLOSE. There is much work to be done in the weeks and months ahead. Again, please be faithful in your prayers for LifeSpring. Also, please be prepared for the challenge to grow, serve and reach out as we pursue God’s purpose for LifeSpring Christian Church. We are committed to following His lead.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says that “the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” Dick and Betty have modeled full commitment for us. As we look to the future ministry of LifeSpring we plan to be a body of people with hearts “fully committed” and expecting God’s strength and provision.

All glory and honor to Him, now and forever,

The elders

Transition Plan

The following is a quick overview of our ideal timeline for the senior minister transition. However, we will purpose to follow God’s timing over our own, remaining open to His leading and guidance at every juncture.

This Transition Plan is more than just a list of action items, timelines, and processes from one physical leader to another. Rather, the plan serves as a framework to prepare the church family at all sites to transition into the future under the leadership of a new Senior Minister. This plan is not intended to be an overall strategic plan for the church.

  • June 11–16, 2012 Announcement of the transition made to staff and congregation
  • June 17, 2012 All LifeSpring sites and services hear the announcement of Dick Alexander’s retirement
  • June 24 & 26, 2012 Clovernook Forums held to communicate the transition process and answer questions
  • Mid-June, 2012 Transition communications released on
  • Early July Harrison and Westside Forums held to communicate the transition process and answer questions
  • June 30, 2013 Dick Alexander successfully concludes his role and calling as Senior Minister at LifeSpring Christian Church

A smooth handoff and a comprehensive orientation process is key to a successful transition. There are a number of factors that will determine what type of handoff will take place between Dick and the in-coming Senior Minister. The Eldership has identified three possible scenarios as noted below. Once more information is known about the timing of the transition and the needs of LifeSpring, a decision will be made as to the best choice for the pastoral transition.

Overlap: The outgoing and incoming Ministers work in conjunction with one another to transfer knowledge. An overlap may involve having both pastors on the payroll for a specified period of time. It may also involve having both Ministers physically present or, having one physically present while the other provides guidance in a consultant ca­pacity.

Sequential: There is no overlap between the incoming and outgoing Ministers. The new Senior Minster starts soon after the out-going Senior Minister departs. The outgoing minister may be asked to make himself available in a consultant capacity for a specified period of time.

Delayed: There is a lengthy delay between the departure of the out-going Senior Minister and the arrival of the in-coming Senior Minister.

The additional elements of the plan (listed below) are not necessarily sequential, nor are the Elders assigning hard dates — leaving room for processes to take place and for God to lead in His own timing! Prayer and communication updates will continue throughout the process.

  • Transition Team selected and commissioned
  • Prayer Team selected and commissioned
  • Communications Team selected and commissioned
  • Search Team selected and commissioned
  • Senior Minister Profile and Ministry Job Description completed
  • Candidate evaluation and review process finalized
  • Initial list of candidates developed
  • Candidate evaluations and initial interviews commenced
  • Candidate evaluations, sermon reviews, and interviews continue
  • Continue candidate evaluations; conduct in-person interviews
  • Identify one or more candidates, begin intensive discernment, prayer and fasting over that process and those individuals
  • Extend a call to the candidate discerned to be the best possible fit for LifeSpring
  • New Senior Minister makes preparation to conclude his current ministry and move to Cincinnati
  • Comprehensive Ministerial orientation/on-boarding
  • Called Candidate assumes full responsibility as LifeSpring’s new Senior Minister, continued on-the-job orientation/on-boarding
  • Evaluation of the Senior Minister Transition Process

It is not unusual for Restoration Movement churches like ours (self-governing churches without a headquarters) to take between one and two years to identify a new Senior Minister. We initiated plans well in advance of Dick’s retirement to allow the process to be successful. However, the Search Team is not going to recommend someone to the Elders as our new Senior Minister unless they are convinced that the recommendation is God’s will for this Church.

It is hoped that the call will be issued and accepted before May 31, 2013, but we will wait on God’s timing. For a summary of the “ideal” key transition timeline, refer to the Senior Minister Transition Plan.


Tell me again What is happening?

Tell me again. What is happening?

Dick Alexander will conclude his tenure as senior minister at LifeSpring, effective June 30, 2013. There will be celebration lunches at each of the LifeSpring sites to celebrate Dick and Betty’s time with LifeSpring (June 9 at Clovernook, June 16 at Westside and June 23 at Harrison).

The senior minister search team continues to actively seek a new senior minister who meets the job description defined by the elders. While the team pursues potential candidates as quickly as possible, the timing for the right man to fill this position is in God’s hands.

What are Dick and Betty going to do after June 30th?

What are Dick and Betty going to do after June 30th?

Dick has accepted a part-time ministry role as an International Consultant with Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI). This is the U.S. organization through whom we work with Missions of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya, are the sending organization for Dave and Annette Dryden whom we support, and was the sending organization for Dan and Sue Burton when Burtons were in Ethiopia. It is also the organization with whom former LifeSpring elder, Bill Weber, now works, and Judy Johnson has served on their board. Dick’s first assignment will be to further develop the pastor training program for starting new churches in the Nairobi slums. The job will require some travel, but most of his work will be done from Cincinnati, meaning that Dick and Betty can remain involved members of LifeSpring.

What process is followed to call a Senior Minister?

What process is followed to call a Senior Minister?

The LifeSpring By-laws, Article III, Sections A-E defines that the congregation is to vote on the senior minister. Prior to the congregational vote, the following steps will be completed:

Elders complete a thorough job description for the senior minister position including responsibilities, skills and character traits.

Senior minister search team seeks and interviews eligible candidates. Those candidates who meet the job description visit LifeSpring to meet members of the staff to gain as clear as possible understanding of our church.

Once the search team is confident they have found the right candidate, they will recommend this person to the elders along with full details about the candidate’s qualifications and references.

The elders will interview the candidate, and if agree with the search team recommendation, they will recommend the candidate to the congregation.

The search team will organize a number of events, including preaching at Sunday services, for members of the congregation to meet the candidate and prayerfully prepare for the congregational vote, which will happen at regular worship services.

Who will cover the responsibilities Dick has had after June 30th?

Who will cover the responsibilities Dick has had after June 30th?

Dick has worked with the site ministers and elders to prepared an interim plan to carry out quality ministry in the intervening months. This includes:

* Russ Howard will coordinate the teaching team. Russ will guide the group in planning sermon series and scheduling speakers. During the interim the site ministers will preach more frequently and other gifted members of LifeSpring will also share in the preaching.

* Jeff Duerler will coordinate the Staff Leadership Team (the site ministers). The site ministers work together to implement the strategic plan and schedule all-church events, message emphases, and initiatives.

* Tim Dunn will coordinate staff connections, including Monday outreach prayer, regular staff lunches, 5th Tuesday prayer days, and other staff events.

These people are already functioning in these roles to assure a smooth transition. Also, in addition to the regular leadership meetings, the elders and site ministers have scheduled additional to assure good communication.

What does a healthy Senior Minister transition look like for LifeSpring?

What does a healthy Senior Minister transition look like for LifeSpring?

  • Successful seeking and calling of a new senior minister consistent with LifeSpring’s by-laws governing this process
  • Rewarding, honorable and celebratory season of this final year for Dick
  • Warm, welcoming environment for the incoming senior minister
  • Comprehensive senior minister orientation/on-boarding
  • Effective communication throughout the process
  • Clearly defined transition roles for the LifeSpring staff and elders at all sites
  • Sustained and continued growth in all worship services and ministries
  • Sustained giving for financial strength
  • Continuity of key ministries and hallmarks of LifeSpring
  • A congregation that is healthy and thrives across all our sites and services

What can I do if someone I know is having a particularly difficult time with the transition?

What can I do if someone I know is having a particularly difficult time with the transition?

Listen and offer to pray with and for them. Help them contact an elder or a member of the Search Team to discuss their concerns.

What can I do to help ensure a smooth transition?

What can I do to help ensure a smooth transition?

  • Pray
  • Love one another and maintain unity
  • Stay informed
  • Have faith that God is preparing the new senior minister
  • Place trust in those making the decisions
  • Communicate concerns or issues to the elders, the site ministers or members of the Search Team
  • Be patient with the process
  • Look for the opportunities this transition can bring
  • Flee from gossip
  • Keep on Praying!

Have a Question not answered here?

Have a Question not answered here?

We will be happy to answer any question you have. And if we hear it frequently enough, it may warrant inclusion in the list! Your question will be directed to the leader of the Search Team, and directed to the appropriate people for an answer.

Additional Info.


The LifeSpring Christian Church By-Laws are provided here for your review. Article III A is particularly pertinent to the calling of the senior minister.


ARTICLE I—PURPOSE, CREED (The content of Article I and Article II A. carries over from previous by-laws and cannot be amended.)

A. The purpose of this congregation shall be to provide facilities to its members and others for the public worship of God; to carry out the commands of Christ as contained in the New Testament; to preach the simple and entire Gospel of pardon; to teach Christian life and duty. The Bible shall be the only and final authority in all matters pertaining to the purposes of this congregation as herein set out.

B. The creed of this congregation according to the New Testament shall be the belief in the deity and authority of Jesus Christ as the personal Savior of mankind, as revealed in the Bible.

C. The worship and practices of this congregation shall conform to the ideal of the church of Christ as portrayed in the New Testament.


A. Becoming a member. The terms of admission to this congregation shall be identical with the Gospel terms of pardon; i.e., Faith, Repentance, Confession of Christ and Baptism by immersion. No one shall be admitted to membership who has not obeyed the Lord Jesus Christ in scriptural baptism. Immersed believers in Christ from other congregations shall be welcomed as Christians only into the local congregation upon presentation of letter of introduction, or by personal statement.

B. Removal from membership.  Elders may after due Biblical process remove by 2/3 majority vote the name of anyone from membership for persistent un-Christian conduct or non-participation, provided that no name shall be removed from the church roll within 30 days prior to any congregational vote.


A. Congregational rights. The congregation retains the right to vote on the following issues:

1. selection of elders

2. calling of a senior minister

3. purchase or sale of real estate

4. borrowing money

5. change of the by-laws

Other decisions are delegated to the elders by the congregation.

B. Eligibility to vote. Members 16 years of age and older are eligible to participate in congregational votes. No member shall be entitled to vote who became a member of the congregation within 30 days prior to the vote being taken.

C. Quorum and majority.  A quorum shall consist of members eligible to vote, present in person for the vote. A simple majority vote is required, except as noted in Articles IV C. and D.

D. Presider. The chairman of the elders shall preside at congregational meetings, or in his absence, the vice-chairman or  secretary of the elders or a designee of the chairman, in that order.

E. Special meetings. Congregational meetings may be initiated by the elders or by the congregation. When presented with a letter signed by 50 members of voting age, the elders are required to call a congregational meeting within 30 days to discuss issues presented in the letter. Written notification of a congregational meeting and its agenda shall be sent to all active members at least seven days in advance of the meeting.


A. Eldership. All decisions not specifically retained by the congregation in Article III A. shall be under the oversight of the elders. Elders shall establish and maintain policies regarding selection and employment of personnel, election process, leader recruitment, finances, and other areas as needed. Elders may delegate responsibility for areas of ministry, but they retain responsibility for all work carried out under their oversight.

B. Qualifications. Elders shall be those men from the congregation who meet the Scriptural qualifications, possess appropriate leadership gifts, have the willingness to serve, and are elected by the congregation.

C. Selection. Election of elders will take place each year as follows:

1.  The congregation will be invited to propose new names for the office of elder.

2. A nominating committee made up of a minimum of one and a maximum of three elders, and a minimum of 10 members of the congregation chosen by different Bible School classes and other Bible fellowships on a rotating basis, will screen names of those suggested by the congregation and forward nominees to the elders.

3. The elders will forward to the congregation the names of those who have been affirmed by the elders and who have agreed to serve.

4. Balloting will be held each April, with a 2/3 majority of those present and voting required for election. All elders shall be subject to re-election on an annual basis. Election results are effective immediately.

D. Removal. Elders who are deemed guilty of un-Christian conduct or failure to fulfill their leadership responsibilities after due Biblical process may be removed from office by 2/3 majority vote of the elders or by 2/3 of those present and voting in a congregational meeting called according to the provisions of Article III E.

E. Delegation. The elders are responsible for the calling and oversight of paid ministry staff and other personnel, with the provision that the congregation must approve the calling of a senior minister. The elders may appoint all other ministry leaders, teachers, and other workers  needed for the work of the congregation. All are responsible to the elders for their areas of ministry. The elders may dismiss any paid or unpaid ministry leader for un-Christian character or failure to adequately perform their duties.

F. Communication.  Three or more times per year, the elders will convene meetings for the purpose of sharing information with the congregation.


The by-laws, except for Article I and Article II A., may be amended by the congregation at any congregational meeting, provided however, that the proposed amendment must first be presented and discussed at a previous meeting and held over not less than 30 days, or more than 60 days, before any decisive action can be taken.


Should this church cease to function and the membership vote to disband, any assets of the church will be transferred to other Christian churches or Christian organizations to be determined by vote of the congregation. This transfer will be made in full compliance with all applicable laws under section 501 of the US Internal Revenue Code.

Senior Minister Job Description


Senior Minister Job Description

I. Leading LifeSpring

A.  Work with elders to define vision for the church locally and globally
1. Encourage site ministers to develop site-specific vision for their locations, under the broader LifeSpring vision
2. Communicate LifeSpring vision through all channels.
B.  Guide a strategic planning process
C.  Champion LifeSpring’s commitment to spiritual growth and discipleship
1. Facilitate a culture of lifelong spiritual growth
2. Model what a disciple of Christ should look like
3. Coach and instruct others to grow as disciples of Christ
D.  Through the site ministers, lead in fulfilling the LifeSpring vision and mission at all locations
1. Create and sustain a healthy ministry culture for staff and volunteers at all locations
2. Maintain a strong synergy of sites where each site benefits from, and contributes to, the whole church
E.  Coordinate overall church programs
1. Work with elder chairman to define and implement policy
2. Be the primary connecting point between elders and staff
3. Work with finance team, OPS team, and program staff to allocate resources to accomplish the mission
4. Work with elders to assure all staff receive fair compensation and benefits commensurate with their contributions to LCC
F.   Empower new ministries in and through the church
G.  Develop financial giving
H.  Encourage elders in their ministries and minister to them
I.   Serve as the primary point person in connecting the church with other churches, para-church groups, and community organizations, both domestic and international

II. Preaching

A. Define and implement an effective preaching ministry through all LifeSpring worship services. It should be sustainable over time and have the potential to expand to additional services and sites.
B. Lead and develop the preaching team in planning and presenting messages

III. Pastoring—assist with pastoral ministries as needed

A. Evangelism
B. Encouragement
C. Counseling
D. Weddings/funerals

Personal Qualities

alive relationship with Christ
in-depth knowledge and love of Scripture
contagious enthusiasm about Christ
love for the lost
passion for life transformation
healthy family relationships
emotionally stable
connects well with different ages/races/ socioeconomic groups
cooperative attitude, team player
creative thinker
good listener
reasonably organized

Leadership Skills

visionary leader
strong communicator
develop the leadership abilities of others
change agent
team builder
bridge builder
entrepreneurial leader
lead diverse, multi-faceted ministry
communicate well with different ages/races/socioeconomic groups
strategic thinker

Spiritual Gifts




Transition Team

Transition Team

As of June 2012, this team is being formed under the direction of the Elders, who are currently serving in this role to guide and oversee the process.

What is the role of the Transition Team?

The role of the Senior Minister Transition Team is broader than the Search Team. The Transition Team will coordi­nate all transition tasks outside the actual Search process. These would include:

  • Developing a communications plan to keep the congregation informed
  • Identifying roles and assigning responsibilities to all parties involved in the transition process
  • Maintaining church health and ongoing effectiveness for staff and congregational ministries and outreach
  • Being available to receive feedback from the congregation
  • Developing a working LifeSpring Christian Church Profile, describing who we are + how we fulfill our calling
  • Working with the Elders to ensure a successful handoff between the outgoing and incoming Ministers;
  • Coordinating welcome/celebration events for the outgoing and incoming ministers.
  • Ensure implementation of the Transition Plan by walking alongside the Search Team and managing all non-call transition activities making it possible for the Search Team to focus solely on conducting the search.

Who manages the Search Process?

The Elders will oversee the process, and are empowering two teams to assist. The Transition Team is charged with shepherding the church through the transition from Dick Alexander to the new Senior Minister.

Search Team

Search Team

What is the role of the Search Team?

  • Seek, interview, and recommend to the elders the candidate that most effectively meets the requirements established in the Senior Minister’s job description
  • Help communication with the congregation by being available to provide info that is not confidential
  • Serve as the primary “first impression” interface for each potential candidate
  • Work with the Eldership to conduct the final vote

Who is part of the Search Team?

Ed Hampton | | 513-503-1498
Rob Johnston | | 513-769-0005
Deonna Lierman | | 513-385-9218
Ken McLean | | 513-367-0590
Seth Millhoan | | 513-252-6579
Jon Morgan | | 513-884-4995
Don Peak | | 513-218-6438
Paul Pennington | | 513-240-0672
Adam Singer | | 513-417-2454
Mary Kay Taylor | | 513-266-3379
Charles Woode | | 513-550-3423
Jane Young | | 513-716-7516

How can I nominate someone for the Senior Minister position?

Simply contact a member of the Search Team (individual contact information will be available online to contact any member of the team directly) and tell them the name of the person you want to be considered for the senior minister position. They’ll follow-up with the person directly.

Who manages the Search Process?

The Elders will oversee the process, and are empowering two teams to assist. The Transition Team is charged with shepherding the church through the transition from Dick Alexander to the new Senior Minister.

Prayer Team

Pray7 Team

Over 100 members and friends of LifeSpring have signed on to pray for the search team, the candidates and our church during the search process. Brief updates of the search process and focused prayer needs are emailed to those who have signed up. The emails are also posted in this section of the website.

If you would like to receive the Pray7 emails, simply indicate this on a Connect Card or in the blue folders during service, or send an email to the LifeSpring office at

Prayer Update—August 12, 2013

Dear friends in Prayer,

I am happy to announce that the search committee has come to a UNANIMOUS decision to recommend a candidate to the elders.

The next steps in the process will involve a series of meetings with the candidate, the elders and the site ministers.  The first of these meetings will take place on Tuesday August 13.

If the meetings go well, the candidate will preach once in all worship services and meet members of the congregation prior to a congregational vote.



*Pray for the meetings that they may be filled with the Holy Spirit.. with wisdom  and clear vision.
*for unity of purpose and direction
*for the elders and site ministers as they pray and discuss the candidate
*for the candidate and his family as they consider a new ministry with LCC
*and for each other, for grace, a gentle spirit and a joyful heart.

In John 14-16, Jesus states six times…You ask….I will do.  (John 14:13).  So it seems that our responsibility is to ASK..Jesus is the one to do.

Please, this week, remain joyful in hope, fervent in prayer and may God Bless your days.

Prayer Update—July 22, 2013

Dear partners in the ministry of prayer,

The last update from the senior minister search team mentioned we were in discussion with three excellent candidates.

If you attended any of the prayer services last night, you know that we now have one lead candidate to recommend to the elders.

Keeping that in mind, please understand that the next few weeks will be a critical time of discussion, learning and listening as we seek God’s will.

Please pray for the elders, site ministers, leaders and the congregation to be of one mind In support of the person God brings to lead LifeSpring.


  • That our leaders will be refreshed and encouraged.
  • That  the elders will have discernment during the interview process.
  • For the candidate and his family as they consider this new ministry and the next chapter of growth and commitment to Christ at LifeSpring.
  • That God will use the one who comes to lead us into a deeper, more effective relationship with Jesus Christ, each other, and the world in which we live and serve.

Isaiah 65:24 says “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.

We pray in faith believing He will hear..He will answer.  His timing is perfect.

Prayer Update—July 2, 2013

Dear partners in Prayer,

We are very excited at the prospect that there are three excellent candidates for the position of
Senior Minister at LCC.

The Lord has sustained the search team with strong energy and commitment thus far.
Please pray that He will continue to encourage and lead us.

God has blessed us with a unity of purpose that has gone beyond our differences to allow us as a group and individuals to stretch our understanding and appreciation for the task before us.

Please pray that the team will be wise in allowing our thoughts and feelings to be expressed clearly as we continue to seek His Will for LCC . . . for the person He has chosen to lead us.

Isaiah 30:21 puts it this way:  Wheather you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”

Pray that as we listen, His voice will be clear . . . Knowing that His direction will come and His timing will be perfect.