Clovernook Site Minister Transition

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a future and a hope . . . You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
—Jeremiah 29:11, 13

Communication Updates

June 24 Update

June 24 Update

The Elders have appointed the Search Team to find candidates for this position and approved a Site Pastor Ministry Description for the position.

The Search Team has met regularly since that time, prayerfully identifying candidates and prospects, reviewing resumes, listening to messages preached by potential site candidates, contacting references, and conducting interviews.

By late May, the search identified two men who were deemed strong potential candidates for the position.

Both men were invited to the Clovernook campus for in-person interviews and meetings with key ministry staff in early June. Both men and their families were well-suited in character, but in both instances it became evident that there was not a “match” confirmed with suitability or gifting.

Other candidates have since been identified and the process of reviewing resumes, listening to messages preached by potential site pastors, contacting references, and conducting interviews continues.


Tell me again. What is happening?

Tell me again. What is happening?

The site minister position at Clovernook became an open position in mid-February 2012. Dick Alexander was appointed by the Elders as interim site minister for Clovernook, and a search team has been formed and is prayerfully and diligently going through the process of identifying and calling a new minister to serve in this vital role at the Clovernook location.

How does this impact the Senior Minister search?

How does this impact the Senior Minister search?

The two will complement each other, as both searches will proceed simultaneously. The search process for the Clovernook site minister is well underway, and a Transition Team is being appointed by the elders to oversee the multi-faceted aspects of maintaining and improving continuity of ministry through this season.

Why did we initiate the search for a Site Minister before the Senior Minister?

Why did we initiate the search for a Site Minister before the Senior Minister?

The Elders have weighed the pros and cons of calling a site minister in advance of a new senior minister. The decision was prayerfully made that the immediacy of the needs at the Clovernook site for someone to minister this part of the LifeSpring family and pursue the healthy development of our staff and ministry at the Clovernook site needed to remain a high priority. The Elders will oversee these simultaneous pursuits and will be focused on calling the men that God has purposed for these critical roles according to His timing.

Couldn’t we hire one minister to do both?

Couldn’t we hire just one minister to do both?

While that may be appealing from a financial standpoint, it does not accomplish our mission. The decision made by the elders is to remain committed to our multi-site structure. The development and growth of healthy church families at all three sites (and the potential for God to use LifeSpring to establish other sites to accomplish our mission as God leads) and the nurturing, ministering and management of an individual site each require a unique level of leadership, gifting, and experience. The sheer workload required to be effective in either role is a full time commitment.

What process is followed to call a Senior Minister?

What process is followed to call a Site Minister?

The process as outlined in LifeSpring By-laws, Article III, Sections A-E will govern our search procedures and will be guided by the Elders. The Search Team has the responsibility of seeking out and receiving potential candidates, exploring their backgrounds and references, interviewing the candidates, and making a recommendation to the Elders and Senior Minister.


What can I do if someone I know is having a particularly difficult time with the transition?

What can I do if someone I know is having a particularly difficult time with the transition?

Listen and offer to pray with and for them. Help them contact an Elder or a member of either the Search or Transition Teams (once formed) to discuss their concerns.

What can I do to help ensure a smooth transition?

What can I do to help ensure a smooth transition?


Love one another and maintain unity

Stay informed

Have faith that God is preparing the plan

Be willing to place trust in those making the decisions

Communicate concerns or issues to either the Elders or the Search Team

Be patient with the process

Look for the opportunities a transition can bring

Be aware of personal biases

Remain focused on the core attributes that make LifeSpring great

Keep on Praying!

Have a Question not answered here?

Have a Question not answered here?

We will be happy to answer any question you have. And if we hear it frequently enough, it may warrant inclusion in the list! Your question will be directed to the leader of the Communications Team, Tom Sturm, and directed to the appropriate people for an answer.Contact Tom directly at 513-470-8785 or Please be patient while we get you a response!

Additional Information



The LifeSpring Christian Church By-Laws are provided here for your review. While they specifically require voting only for the position of Senior Minister (Article III A), this does not dis-allow congregational participation in the process of selecting a Site Minister.


ARTICLE I—PURPOSE, CREED (The content of Article I and Article II A. carries over from previous by-laws and cannot be amended.)

A. The purpose of this congregation shall be to provide facilities to its members and others for the public worship of God; to carry out the commands of Christ as contained in the New Testament; to preach the simple and entire Gospel of pardon; to teach Christian life and duty. The Bible shall be the only and final authority in all matters pertaining to the purposes of this congregation as herein set out.

B. The creed of this congregation according to the New Testament shall be the belief in the deity and authority of Jesus Christ as the personal Savior of mankind, as revealed in the Bible.

C. The worship and practices of this congregation shall conform to the ideal of the church of Christ as portrayed in the New Testament.


A. Becoming a member. The terms of admission to this congregation shall be identical with the Gospel terms of pardon; i.e., Faith, Repentance, Confession of Christ and Baptism by immersion. No one shall be admitted to membership who has not obeyed the Lord Jesus Christ in scriptural baptism. Immersed believers in Christ from other congregations shall be welcomed as Christians only into the local congregation upon presentation of letter of introduction, or by personal statement.

B. Removal from membership.  Elders may after due Biblical process remove by 2/3 majority vote the name of anyone from membership for persistent un-Christian conduct or non-participation, provided that no name shall be removed from the church roll within 30 days prior to any congregational vote.


A. Congregational rights. The congregation retains the right to vote on the following issues:

1. selection of elders

2. calling of a senior minister

3. purchase or sale of real estate

4. borrowing money

5. change of the by-laws

Other decisions are delegated to the elders by the congregation.

B. Eligibility to vote. Members 16 years of age and older are eligible to participate in congregational votes. No member shall be entitled to vote who became a member of the congregation within 30 days prior to the vote being taken.

C. Quorum and majority.  A quorum shall consist of members eligible to vote, present in person for the vote. A simple majority vote is required, except as noted in Articles IV C. and D.

D. Presider. The chairman of the elders shall preside at congregational meetings, or in his absence, the vice-chairman or  secretary of the elders or a designee of the chairman, in that order.

E. Special meetings. Congregational meetings may be initiated by the elders or by the congregation. When presented with a letter signed by 50 members of voting age, the elders are required to call a congregational meeting within 30 days to discuss issues presented in the letter. Written notification of a congregational meeting and its agenda shall be sent to all active members at least seven days in advance of the meeting.


A. Eldership. All decisions not specifically retained by the congregation in Article III A. shall be under the oversight of the elders. Elders shall establish and maintain policies regarding selection and employment of personnel, election process, leader recruitment, finances, and other areas as needed. Elders may delegate responsibility for areas of ministry, but they retain responsibility for all work carried out under their oversight.

B. Qualifications. Elders shall be those men from the congregation who meet the Scriptural qualifications, possess appropriate leadership gifts, have the willingness to serve, and are elected by the congregation.

C. Selection. Election of elders will take place each year as follows:

1.  The congregation will be invited to propose new names for the office of elder.

2. A nominating committee made up of a minimum of one and a maximum of three elders, and a minimum of 10 members of the congregation chosen by different Bible School classes and other Bible fellowships on a rotating basis, will screen names of those suggested by the congregation and forward nominees to the elders.

3. The elders will forward to the congregation the names of those who have been affirmed by the elders and who have agreed to serve.

4. Balloting will be held each April, with a 2/3 majority of those present and voting required for election. All elders shall be subject to re-election on an annual basis. Election results are effective immediately.

D. Removal. Elders who are deemed guilty of un-Christian conduct or failure to fulfill their leadership responsibilities after due Biblical process may be removed from office by 2/3 majority vote of the elders or by 2/3 of those present and voting in a congregational meeting called according to the provisions of Article III E.

E. Delegation. The elders are responsible for the calling and oversight of paid ministry staff and other personnel, with the provision that the congregation must approve the calling of a senior minister. The elders may appoint all other ministry leaders, teachers, and other workers  needed for the work of the congregation. All are responsible to the elders for their areas of ministry. The elders may dismiss any paid or unpaid ministry leader for un-Christian character or failure to adequately perform their duties.

F. Communication.  Three or more times per year, the elders will convene meetings for the purpose of sharing information with the congregation.


The by-laws, except for Article I and Article II A., may be amended by the congregation at any congregational meeting, provided however, that the proposed amendment must first be presented and discussed at a previous meeting and held over not less than 30 days, or more than 60 days, before any decisive action can be taken.


Should this church cease to function and the membership vote to disband, any assets of the church will be transferred to other Christian churches or Christian organizations to be determined by vote of the congregation. This transfer will be made in full compliance with all applicable laws under section 501 of the US Internal Revenue Code.

Clovernook Site Minister Job Description


Clovernook Site Minister Job Description

I. Clovernook

A. Lead
1. Oversee Clovernook ministry and develop leaders
a. Staff
b. Volunteers
2. Regularly assess the growth needs of the campus and individuals and recommend responses.
3. Sundays—Participate in the planning, oversight, quality control, and hosting of worship services
4. Initiate site-specific outreach
a. Develop a prayer base for outreach
b. Cultivate in the church a love for the lost and desire to share faith
c.  Initiate training for members in how to share their faith
d. Help groups within the church maximize their outreach potential
e. Provide resources & support for reaching friends
5. Initiate Community Impact
a. Vision
b. Direct oversight of community impact team
B. Pastor
1. Oversee small group leaders
a. Development of Leaders and New Groups
b. Lead a weekly Bible study group
c. Oversee Coaching of Leaders
2. Personally connect with people who are new to LifeSpring
3. Facilitate networking—especially with those new to LifeSpring
4. Participate in general pastoral work, including visitation, crisis counseling, weddings, funerals, and other work as needed.
C. Teaching Team
1. Participate in Planning Process
2.  Prepare and Deliver Sermons

II. General LifeSpring Ministry

A. Link campus to the whole church through participation in staff and elders meetings
B. Connect Clovernook with overall LifeSpring ministries

Personal Qualities

alive relationship with Christ
in-depth knowledge and love of Scripture
contagious enthusiasm about Christ
love for the lost
healthy family relationships
emotionally stable
visionary leader
connects well with different ages/races
cooperative attitude, team player
creative thinker
good listener
reasonably organized

Leadership Skills

entrepreneurial leadership
develop the leadership abilities of others
manage diverse, multi-faceted ministry
team builder
preach and teach well
communicate well with different ages/races
change agent


Transition Team

Transition Team

As of June 2012, this team is being formed under the direction of the Elders, who are currently serving in this role to guide and oversee the process.

The Transition Team’s initial objectives are:

  1. To develop a Senior Minister profile to be given to the Search Team
  2. To compile a roster of candidates to serve on the Search Team
  3. To oversee the transition process from inception to placement and orientation
  4. To evaluate and continue on-going health of LifeSpring’s mission and ministries and our people through the process

Search Team

Search Team

The Search Team is responsible for seeking out potential candidates, exploring their backgrounds and references, and interviewing the candidates.

Co-Chairmen of the Clovernook Site Minister Search Team

Rob Johnston | | 513-769.0005
Dick Alexander | | 513-522-7707 x13

Members of the Clovernook Site Minister Search Team

Nancy Dempsey | | 513-793-7313
Drew Dinkelacker | | 513-785-0815
Matt George | | 513-236-3923
Rhys Reynolds | | 513-522-3885
Scott Sims | | 513-678-7733

Prayer Team

Prayer Team

This team is still being formed. Please check back later for an update.

The Prayer Team is responsible for bathing both key transitions in prayer. This includes encouraging and engaging the congregation in prayer, specifically lifting up those involved in the process of seeking and calling these ministers, as well as seeking the Lord for continued health in fellowship, ministry, and mission during these transitions.