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Scandalous Love

Unfortunately, we often think of God as distant, controlling and punishing. Though the Bible states that "God is love," even many in the church are trapped by images about God that are less than loving. The truth is, he seeks a love relationship with us. As followers of this God, we need to know and receive his "scandalous" love. This series invites us to open up our imaginations to experience God for who he really is and realize that he is passionately in love with us!

The Power of One

What good is one of anything? One penny? Even one dollar? We value "Benjamins," not the one-dollar "Washingtons." So what difference can one person make? One church? One child? But one matters to God. And God can use one-one person, one church, one child."The Power of One" is a high-impact series of messages about what God might do with you, with LifeSpring, and with one child in Nairobi, Kenya. The series culminates with Mary Kamau, an emerging international leader, visiting us from Kenya to talk about a remarkable transformation of a slum in Nairobi, and how we can participate through sponsoring one child.


In spite of our best efforts, we fail . . . repeatedly. And we need a fresh start . . . often. Do you need a do-over? Do you want your future to be better than the past? It's time to click Refresh.


God is always there, we often miss Him. God is at work around us and for us every day, and desires to be at work in us and through us-if we are open to that. But living spiritually in a material world is a continual challenge. We live for a God who is invisible, but real. So if we don't see Him or hear an audible voice, how do we experience Him? Where do we find Him? This series of messages is about encountering God, and then getting our lives synced with Him. It's a series of stories from Scripture about people who met Him and how they were changed as a result. Some were searching for Him; some weren't. But they all encountered the living God.


There is much MORE to God than we usually think. God is love. He is powerful. He is wise. He is all-knowing. He is faithful . . . But He is MORE! Our God is paradoxical. He is hidden. He is happy. He is humble. This intriguing series of messages about God focuses on things that don't always come to mind when we think of God, but the kind of things that cause us to love Him . . . more. The series is titled "MORE" because God will always be MORE than we expect!

The Difference

II Corinthians is the Apostle Paul's most personal letter. It touches on issues like aging, pride, goals and success, death, hardship, obnoxious people, patently sinful people, and more. IF we really believe, how do we see those things differently? Discover The Difference it can make on how we see: life, community, religion, success, hardship, dying, and even ourselves.

Standalone Sermons


Confused? Unsure? What does it mean to follow Jesus? Does He "bless" us and bring prosperity? Is life easier for Christians? Does it mean go to church more and cuss less? Is it like the people on religious TV? The cross is a widely accepted symbol of Christianity. But why? What does life look like when it is shaped by the cross? How does the cross form us? How do the themes of sacrifice, suffering, and redemption flow through life? What does it mean to follow Jesus?Cruciform focuses on the cross and what it actually means to be a disciple of Christ.

Risk Boldly

Jesus came to establish a new kingdom, sending His followers into the world to restore it according to His will. Too often Christians pull back, seeking the safety of Christian fellowship instead of being the salt and the light. The coming of the kingdom of God both changes lives and changes the world system-cultures are transformed!"Risk Boldly" is a challenge to engage in the world-to live counter-culturally for the common good. It is about shaping the culture for God.

Better Together

In a nation of rugged individuals, small communities of people come together to do life together, bear each others' burdens, encourage and support one another, and to challenge each other to be the people God made us to be.Real community isn't accidental-it's developed and maintained at a price. But this price is less than not living deeply connected to others. Quality personal relationships are indispensable to healthy living and personal growth.

Open Handed