Giving tithes and offerings is an important aspect of worship—it’s one of the ways we express love to God and thank Him for what He has done.

Giving through a local church allows us to participate in a practical way in the work God is doing both locally and globally. We don’t give to a church, but we give to God, through a church. God uses those offerings to fund life-changing ministry. An advantage of giving through a local church is being able to see how our gifts are used.

LifeSpring practices strong accountability in the use of finances. Every year the congregation is part of the budgeting process and approves the final budget. Internal financial controls are carefully monitored, and regular financial statements are available to any member.

The two primary ways to give are through offerings during the worship services and online through the Access LifeSpring Sign In on this website. Offering envelopes are available as a convenience and can be requested from the church office. If you have questions about securely giving a one-time or recurring gift via electronic check, please contact LifeSpring‘s Business Manager. Periodic and year-end financial statements are provided to all givers of record for tax purposes.

Especially as Americans, we experience material blessing. Because of this, we have the great opportunity to work for more than just supporting a lifestyle. Giving generously is not only a worthy expression of our gratitude, but it makes a difference for others as those offerings are in turn used to spread the word of Christ, help people grow in faith, and serve those in need. Part of the LifeSpring vision statement is, “We will live simply so others can simply live.” We invite you to be part of that!