Clovernook | Staff

LifeSpring Clovernook Staff

Tim Dunn | Minister

Easy to meet; easy to know. A guide for life’s journey.

Heather Boyd | Children’s Minister

Passionate and driven, Heather brings an unwavering desire to connect kids and families to the Lord.

Dan Burton | Associate Minister

Dan comes with experience, passion, and a pastoral heart.  He is a gifted communicator and always speaks from the heart.  He is a true servant leader.

Rod Huron | Seniors Program Director

Rod brings life to anything he’s part of. He cares; he’s talented; and he’s fun!

Karen Mahan | Project Coordinator

Laughter, love for God and His people, and high-energy skills all come together as Karen manages events large and small.

Seth Millhoan | Student Minister

Gifted with wisdom and a passion for discipleship, Seth provides fun ways for our youth to learn life lessons.

Phyllis Sanders | Seniors Pastoral Care Minister

Exceptional care–that’s Phyllis!

Chris Smyth | Preschool Minister

Called in to handle the largest and smallest in ministry responsibilities, Chris is the glue that holds Children’s Ministry together. She loves kids and their parents.

Donovan Weber | Worship Minister

Donovan directs worship as a gifted musician and a leader who loves Christ’s church.

LifeSpring Staff

Donovan Weber | Missions Minister

Raised on the mission field, Donovan leads with a servant’s heart and a passion for cross-cultural evangelism.