2014 Kenya Mission

  • KenyaTrip_2014
  • October 30—November 10 2014
  • Jeff Duerler, Leader
  • Tim Dunn, Co-leader
  • Approximate Cost, $2300
Why go?
  • LifeSpring has adopted an area called Kosovo in the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi. We are committed to help the church, school, and residents of that area. They need our help and have asked us to come!
  • You will be used by God to help people find their way to God and restore a broken world.
  • You will come home personally impacted to make a greater difference in our world.
  • Plus, if you sponsor a child, you will have an opportunity to visit him/her.
What will we do there?
  • We need people to help with a Vacation Bible School for the growing school—worship, teaching, crafts, and recreation. The children are desperate for adults to love on them. Can you smile and give hugs?
  • Medical professionals will set up medical screening—we need doctors and nurses (especially eye and dental specialists) and anyone with medical skills along with people to assist them in paperwork, etc.
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, and business professionals can help train the Missions of Hope staff.
  • The school would benefit from those with “hands-on” type skills—especially contractors and electricians.
  • Are you a prayer warrior? There is a need for those who are called to a ministry of intercession and spiritual warfare.
Can you donate any of these items?

As part of this year’s (2014) mission trip to Nairobi, we are collecting equipment and supplies that we will send in a 40-foot shipping container. If you are able to donate any of the following items, please contact Dave Moore at dave@africafiremission.org by July 4:

  • musical instruments
  • keyboards, guitars, drum sets, trumpets, etc.
  • public address systems speakers, amps, equalizers, mics, cables, jack-pins, etc.
  • laptops in good condition
  • digital cameras
  • portable baptism units
  • leadership/inspiration/Bible study books
  • skills-training equipment/tools related to welding, carpentry, plumbing, hair dressing/cosmetology, bead work/jewelry, tailoring, knitting, etc.

If you have questions, contact the trip leader, Jeff Duerler, at jeff@lifespringchristian.org.